Tips for matching socks to clothing

Nowadays socks have become a fashionable accessory able to satisfy almost all pleasures: the wide variety of colors and patterns covers the entire spectrum of possibilities, ranging from more sober and elegant socks to more modern and lively ones.

This multiplication of the varieties of socks, however, makes matching them with the rest of the clothing more complicated: which color should I choose? How do I manage the multicolored socks? Do I have to wear the monochromatic ones in an elegant suit? Let’s see some useful tips to solve the most common dilemmas.

The traditional taste dictates that the sock must have the same color as the trousers, preferably a darker shade: the result is a tidy look that makes the legs appear longer. Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved by combining socks with shoes.

This rule is still valid today and in its simplicity it solves many matching problems, allowing even the person with less aesthetic sensitivity not to make mistakes.

However, fashion appreciates novelty and the ability to break the mold and this is not only true in the casual field, but also in the formal one.

For example, in an elegant suit you can choose different colored socks from both the shoes and the trousers, as long as they match another element of the look, such as the jacket, for example.

Based on this principle, patterned motifs can be added to socks if they recall those of another garment or accessory: the combination of socks and tie, socks and shirt (for example with checks and stripes), socks and foulard, socks and clutches and socks and pocket handkerchief.

We can also combine patterned socks with trousers: for example, if trousers are striped, you can combine them with continuity solutions (similar lines in thickness, orientation and distance between them) or contrasting ones (thicker or diagonal lines).

A compromise between the classic rule of matching and the desire to express one’s personality is offered by argyles: the diamond design is considered sober and you can insert different colors than those of the suit as long as they do not make excessive contrast and at least one is matched with pants or shoes. A similar argument can be made with polka dot patterns.

These principles are also valid in casual looks, but in these cases you can dare with more confidence: jeans and sports shoes are the pass for experiments with socks with daring, extravagant, lively and personality-rich patterns.

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