We weave a more sustainable future

Sustainable energy

We reduce our environmental impact

Calzificio Bonadei is committed to taking all necessary measures to minimize its environmental impact, in support of a more responsible industry and fashion. We adopt sustainable disposal systems and photovoltaic panels, which allow us to power our company with clean and renewable energy, reducing our energy demand and consequently CO2 emissions.


Safety on your skin

In 2015 our company received TESSILE & SALUTE certification (certificate n° 10130060).
The TESSILE & SALUTE Association aims to protect Made In Italy and consumers by verifying the absence of hazardous substances in fabrics that are in contact with the skin using objective and transparent eco-toxicology criteria.

The TESSILE & SALUTE certification demonstrates the commitment of Calzificio Bonadei in enhancing the safety requirements of the product, granting to the consumers the traceability of the socks they wear and certifying compliance with the regulations in force on the use of chemical substances and the investments made to make a product respectful of environmental regulations.

Bio yarns

We select only natural and sustainable raw materials

Attention to health and constant technological research have allowed us to find suppliers of certified BIO yarns, able to meet the needs of the contemporary market. The raw materials with BIO certification are produced without pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seeds, or the use of one of the more than 1,000 substances recognized as harmful. Cultivation is carried out with techniques to reduce the amount of natural resources required, and consequently the ecological impact, and to ensure the fertility of the land in the long term.

Recycled Yarns

A second life

The use of recycled materials allows us to give a second life to scraps and waste, reducing the consumption of resources and energy related to the production of new raw materials. We use recycled yarns produced from the cotton or the wool coming from the pre-consumer knitted scraps brought back to the fiber state and recycled polyester fibers derived from PET plastic bottles. This choice allows us to improve our eco-sustainability keeping the quality of our production always high.