Tips for choosing winter socks

calzini invernali

The first priority for choosing clothing for winter is obviously their ability to protect body from cold.

So one immediately thinks of soft colored sweaters, thick trousers and padded jackets, but what can you say about socks?

“Well there are shoes to protect feet”.

Firstly, it is not certain that shoes are sufficient to keep feet warm enough, especially in certain occasions, when formal shoes that do not always offer high protection from atmospheric agents must be worn.

In addition, thermal insulation works if the whole body is well protected from direct contact with the external environment and therefore the space between shoes ending and trousers begining should not be underestimated, especially when this area widens by bending legs.

It is therefore important to also choose socks according to the winter climate and the first factor that affects their thermal efficiency is the material with which they are made.

The most effective materials from this point of view are cotton, wool and cashmere.

Cotton is soft, comfortable and velvety to the touch, especially in its winter heavier variation; cotton socks are wash resistant and hypoallergenic.

Wool is generally seen as the most suitable yarn for the winter season, thanks to a high thermal coefficient, high wear resistance, excellent elasticity and its breathability; however, it is a material more sensitive to washing and therefore requires adequate conditions to avoid shrinkage.

Finally, cashmere is the warmest, softest and most breathable material among those listed, but in its pure state it is particularly subject to wear: it is therefore often presented mixed with wool or cotton or in recycled forms.

In winter, knee high socks are clearly preferable, because they cover legs better, but short ones are also sufficiently warm, especially when you are looking for a compromise for a sporty use.

Finally, appearance: why can’t you have warm and beautiful winter socks?

Of course, beauty is a subjective concept and more cheeky fantasies may not be appropriate in certain environments, but fashion today also accepts daring combinations in formal contexts.

Alongside monochromatic models or with more classic patterns such as stripes and polka dots, we find more original winter socks, which aim to recall the Nordic and Christmas athmosphere with snowflakes or leaves patterns, and stripes in bright colors (which can be combined to sweaters!), or even mismatched socks.

Since 1945, Calzificio Bonadei has been making Made in Italy socks for men and women, constantly experimenting with materials, patterns and textures for collections suitable for all tastes.

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