Different yarns


ECOTEC® is the first sustainable and smart cotton in the world, obtained from the production scraps. It has bright colors, it’s durable and keeps cool in summer and warm in winter.

ECOTEC® cancels the disposal of pre-consumer waste in the incinerators of public landfills, reusing them as regenerated material, reducing economic and environmental costs.


INVISTA THERMOCOOL® is a fiber designed to allow optimal thermoregulation, resulting particularly suitable for the production of sportswear.

The technology with multichannel fibers and quarries allows maximum breathability, keeping the foot in the right state of comfort in situations of thermal variation and adapting to the different types of sport practiced.


Dryarn® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber with high levels of performance: it is resistant, light, insulating, breathable, hygienic and wearable. It is a very stable fabric, not subject to the shrinkage and expansion of traditional fabrics, for a durable fit.

Dryarn® is also an ecological fiber: it is originally colored with solid additives, so it is not necessary to dispose pollutants from the dyeing processes, and it is 100% recyclable


Lycra®, commercial name of Elastan, is a synthetic polyurethane fiber used to make socks more elastic. This kind of fiber is always used together with other yarns, natural or synthetic.


Elastan, also known with the commercial name of Spandex, is a synthetic fiber used to elasticise socks. It is always used in association with other fibers.

Polyamide Fibre (Nylon)

Generally used with other fibers, Nylon is a type of synthetic polyamide. Socks with Nylon acquire elasticity, great resistance to abrasion and do not deform permanently.


Cashmere (o Kashmir, Cachemire in french, more rarely Casimiro in italian) is a rare and precious yarn of animal origin.

Its name comes from Kashmir, the eastern region where the first herds of Hircus goats originated, from which Cashmere wool is obtained. These goats, used to living in extreme territories and temperatures, have developed a particular underfleece called Duvet, characterized by particular properties.

Duvet, that is Cashmere, has a very high thermal insulation capacity, as well as a soft and velvety appearance. Thanks to its properties, Cashmere is particularly suitable for the production of warm and soft winter socks.


Wool is a natural textile fiber obtained from the fleece of sheep. The wool socks are thermoregulatory, they protect feet from cold temperatures and environmental humidity.

Winter Cotton

For Winter Cotton, or Fleece Cotton, we mean a type of cotton that is thicker than normal, and therefore warmer.

Ideal for autumn and winter, it is the best choice for those who want more warmth, but don’t want to renounce to the softness and elegance of classic cotton.

Fil d’Ecosse – Cotton Lisle

“Filo di Scozia” is the name attributed to a particular type of yarn, produced with cottons selected for their quality and worked with special techniques.

The result is a resistant, shiny and light yarn, with more intense and brilliant tones: the dyeing is certified and respects strict human-ecological requirements established by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 (products suitable for contact with the skin of a child).


It’s the most used natural fiber in clothing thanks to its qualities: cotton socks are light, soft and absorb moisture in an excellent way.