Italian quality and Craftmanship from 1945

Mission & Vision

A three-generation search for perfection

Since 1945 Calzificio Bonadei represents Made in Italy with prestige all over the world, combining the creativity of design with the quality of production, to create socks perfectly in line with Italian elegance.

For three generations, Calzificio Bonadei has remained faithful to the craftsmanship, always proving itself up to the standards and trends required by an increasingly global and demanding market.

We take care directly of every phase of the production cycle: selection of raw materials, study of designs and packaging, knitting, quality controls over more than six stages, all of this always respecting the most demanding quality criteria to grant our customers the perfection of the final products. Each day we work to express italian elegance in an artisanal way, respecting our society, the environment and the consumer. These values will continue to lead us in these coming years to realize a fashion that combines quality and refinement with sustainability and transparency.


100% Made in Italy

Calzificio Bonadei complies with TFashion, the tracking system by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. Through this initiative, we share details about production processes with our customers and additional information regarding the supply chain, to promote transparent consumption, enhance local origin and affirm the strength and uniqueness of our products in Italy and around the world. Certifications grant the authenticity of the product on the Italian and international market, and attests our attention to quality and transparency


Safety on your skin

The TESSILE & SALUTE certification proves the commitment of Calzificio Bonadei to offer its customers the highest degree of transparency and safety for fabrics in direct contact with the skin, certifying compliance with the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Health.

Research and Development

To continue our innovation and sustainability story