Organic and sustainable yarns: quality and sustainability for our socks

calze con filati bio

Competence and experience in production processes are as important as attention to the choice of raw material in order to create high quality socks: which result could ever be obtained by weaving fibers that are annoying to the touch and can be easily damaged?

To offer a product consistent with the high standards of Made in Italy, therefore, the first step is essential to determine the success of the following ones: but what distinguishes a quality yarn from the others?

There are several characteristics to evaluate, both objectively measurable and based on sensory perceptions: the yarn thickness, the resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses, the softness to the touch, the color fastness and the ease of processing are just some of the aspects that Calzificio Bonadei takes into account to choose yarns.

Another crucial aspect for us is the origin of raw materials.

Certainly, in the case of animal fibers, animal breeds significantly affect the type and quality of the yarn obtained: a striking example is cashmere, a very famous fabric obtained from the fleece of particular goats called Hircus.

More generally, it is important to evaluate the methods used for the production of raw materials: this not only affects quality, but also allows us to respond to a growing need in the market for ecological and safe products for both people and the environment.

For these reasons, Calzificio Bonadei pays great attention to the selection of its suppliers, so as to be able to work on precious and at the same time sustainable yarns.

By virtue of these criteria, we are able to respond to the needs of the contemporary markets thanks to certified organic and sustainable yarns. The raw materials with organic and sustainable certifications are produced without pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seeds, or the use of one of the more than 1,000 substances recognized as harmful. Cultivation is carried out with techniques to reduce the amount of natural resources required, and consequently the ecological impact, and to ensure the fertility of the land in the long term.

More generally, we are committed to choosing eco-friendly raw materials without chemicals that are dangerous or harmful to the health of people and the environment, as certified by the TEXTILE & HEALTH certification.

Every choice regarding the production of socks is made transparently and the whole process is traceable thanks to our membership in TFashion.

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