TFashion tells a story of 100% Italian socks

Made in Italy is a highly prestigious brand, highly respected and desired all over the world: a certified product of Italian origin condenses the excellence and experience of a country that has always made quality and attention to detail its distinctive features.

Consequently, products that display the Made In Italy brand are highly appreciated and in demand, both in our country and abroad. Such notoriety, however, has an unpleasant side effect: the attempts to imitate the workmanship or to boast of Italian origin.

It is therefore necessary to protect the consumer, who does not receive the product that has been promised and the Italian companies, which every day strive to keep faith with the quality standards that characterize Made In Italy and the reputation of the brand itself.

In addition to certifications of origin, similar to those to guarantee the safety of fabric, companies can use traceability systems, which certify where and how their products were made and communicate it to the final consumer, who is thus certain of what. is buying and from whom.

TFashion is a voluntary traceability system promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, managed by Unionfiliere, the Association to enhance the Made In Italy supply chain and shared by the National Consumers Union and the main institutions of the textile and fashion sector, such as Sistema Moda Italia , Federmoda and Uniontessili.

 TFashion’s goal is to guarantee the final consumer maximum transparency on the production sites and product sustainability, with a focus on healthiness, the environment and corporate responsibility, so as to build a more aware and competitive market.

Being a voluntary system, TFashion demonstrates the company’s commitment to ethics and quality, ensuring the customer the authenticity of Italian origin thanks to the intermediation of super-partes organizations, which carry out field checks to certify places and production methods.

As tangible proof of adherence to the system, the articles traced with TFashion are accompanied by a specific wording that allows the consumer to retrace the entire history of the product.

Calzificio Bonadei adheres to TFashion to share information with the end customer on production processes and the places in which they were made, telling a three-generation story of all-Italian excellence.

The TFashion label condenses the care that Calzificio Bonadei infuses every day in the production of its socks: each stage of production is carried out according to high quality standards for Italian elegance in an artisanal way.

In this way, Calzificio Bonadei promotes transparent consumption and contributes to protecting the competitiveness of the Italian market and doing business in a healthy and sustainable ways, respecting society, the environment and the consumer.

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