Calzificio Bonadei on Rai1: Marco Bonadei at “Soliti ignoti”

Marco Bonadei, co-owner of Calzificio Bonadei, participated in the Italian television program “Soliti ignoti”, broadcasted last October 28th on Rai1 and hosted by Amadeus.

The prize game, which entertains millions of Italians every evening, asks competitors to combine eight professions or activities with as many ‘unknowns’, called in from all over Italy.

During the October 28th episode, which was seen by almost 4.5 million viewers ( you can watch it here), Marco Bonadei appeared as one of the ‘unknowns’, who was later revealed to be the owner of a socks factory.

Two clues above all contributed to revealing his identity.

The first, provided by Marco, concerns the seasonality of requests related to his profession.

The second were the socks worn, made by Calzificio Bonadei and designed by Marco: the design that attracted the attention of the competitor, Amadeus and the public is inspired by the graffiti he is passionate about, a passion that led him to paint them even in New York.

Calzificio Bonadei on Rai1: Marco Bonadei at “Soliti ignoti”

Once his identity was discovered, Marco told the story of the company:

“The company was started by my grandfather in the 40s and carried on by my father and my uncle, now I’m here with my brothers and cousins ​​to make 100% Made in Italy socks”.

Calzificio Bonadei on Rai1: Marco Bonadei at “Soliti ignoti”

he Hosiery has a production capacity of 2 million socks per year combining modern technologies and artisan techniques to create quality socks in a sustainable and responsible way.

The flexibility in production allows the creation of customized designs thanks to a work of constant experimentation with materials, patterns and textures in order to create socks for men and women in every style: a selection of the final results of this process was exhibited during the transmission, including a pair of socks with the “Soliti ignoti” embroidery.

Calzificio Bonadei on Rai1: Marco Bonadei at “Soliti ignoti”

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